Who doesn’t want to work with a world class Azure DevOps team of experts? With our depth in Azure DevOps, you will be a step ahead of the game. Our consulting staff is prepared to assist together with your most complex challenges and tasks. We have gained the expertise  from high end projects and that we are continuously migrating or on-boarding our global customers to Azure DevOps.

Azure Boards

At Cactus River, we use the proven agile tools to effectively plan, track and discuss tasks among teams, and deliver high value to your customers. Use proven productivity tools to make and track sprints, backlogs, team dashboards and custom reporting, and more.

Azure Repos

Enjoy the advantage of access to world’s largest repository. With Azure Repos, unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repositories are offered. One also can form collaborations to create better code through pull requests and advanced file management mechanism.

Azure Pipelines

We develop, test and deploy CI/CD workflows that are compatible with any language, platform and cloud. Automating builds and deployments with pipelines not only save time but give a scope for innovation.

Azure Test Plans

Use manual and exploratory testing tools to check and proceed further. Planned and exploratory activity assures improve code quality in apps.

Azure Artifacts

Fully-integrated package management with CI/CD pipelines is integrated at a click. Witness the pliability of making , hosting and sharing packages from public and personal sources together with your teams.
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