Our robotic automation solutions for the electronics industry that can be implemented quickly, enables flexible production and make production processes more efficient. This gives you an edge over the competition. The electronics industry is one of the most rapidly changing branches of industry worldwide.Cactus River has developed innovative automation solutions that bring you numerous economic advantages. You can optimize your return on investment, increase your output and benefit from considerably more flexible production with the preconfigured packages consisting of robots, innovative software and efficient control technology. We are a leading partner in numerous Industrie 4.0 initiatives. In the laboratories at our technology centers, we work on the latest technologies and conduct research into future scenarios.

  • Increased efficiency in production processes
  • Continuous operations ensured by professional maintenance technicians working in two shifts
  • Reduced waste of expensive electronic components through tracking down and fixing issues causing malfunctioning of production equipment
  • Experts available 24/7 to rapidly fix disruptions and solve any issues in production
  • Efficient installation projects due to prefabricated components and optimised material flows
  • Outsourced resources and expertise for fluctuating demand and new client needs

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