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IT Solutions: HRPort

Cactus River's human resources portal product, HRPort, enables organizations to manage their critical human resource data both efficiently and cost-effectively.

HRPort provides employers with a rules-based, web-native database, easily navigable by employees and management from any web browser. Information is stored in one central database, and HRPort controls all policies, procedures, rules and eligibility, providing cost savings through automated policies that help reduce errors and ensure compliance and elimination of costly paper-based processing. In addition, HRPort frees up human resource professionals from time-consuming routine administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on formulating company strategy and other important roles.

HRPort's integrated database ensures that information is always accessible. Employees are able to update changes of address, marital or dependent status, and other items right away. Employers can update benefits information, compensation data and performance reviews immediately. Timely information is always available with the click of a mouse.

Additionally, the XML data interface ensures that data is easily imported and exported from other applications and systems. Automated work flow processes help expedite approvals, send e-mail notifications to employees and other users, and provide authorizations. Moreover, the application is highly scaleable, allowing management to add a nearly unlimited number fields and tables, as needed.

HRPort provides a suite of easy-to-use preformatted reports, and provides the capability of producing customized reports which can be formatted to your specifications and saved for later use. All reports are easily exported to Excel or Access.

HRPort's security features are also multi-level, and easily set by HR administrators. Administrators may set access privileges by department and hierarchy as needed.

HRPort runs seamlessly in conjunction with Cactus Riverís payroll portal product, and both Payroll and HR information are accessible from a single user interface.

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